There’s nothing “erroneous” about calling the venerable 45 Colt the “.45 Long Colt”!

This differentiates it from the “Short Colt” which was another name for the .450 Short Revolver cartridge (which I collect).

I hear so many people say that it shouldn’t be called the “Long Colt” because there was no such thing as a “Short Colt” when, in actual fact there was/is !!!

Best of luck with the box collecting Ron !!


Now that no less than our esteemed leader has opened the door, I’ll enter too.

You and I have also had this conversation off-Forum. You are technically correct that there is no such cartridge as the 45 Long Colt. However, I can tell you, as a long time shooter, that the term was commonly used and still is by some of the older guys, like me. We use it in a different context than what Chris noted. The “Short Colt” was the 45 S&W Schofield even though, that too, is a misnomer.

On a more practical side, how do you differentiate between the two cartridges headstamped “REM-UMC 45 Colt”. One being long and the other short??

As we die off you will find that the term “Long Colt” will be buried along with us. But there is a basis for using it. It is a legitimate part of cartridge and shooting lingo and should not be lost to history, like so many other things have been, simply because it is not technically correct. To me it’s no different than '06 or Deuce or Short Magnum, or any of the other terms used to describe well known cartridges, which you will not find on any boxes either.

JMHO, again.


Chris & Ray–I will concede that the term .45 Long Colt is engraved in the common usage, but as a 40+ year collector of the .45 Colt cartridge, I have yet to see even one round so headstamped by any company world-wide. Or to find it listed in any catalog. Or a gun marked with that term.

Chris–Correct me if I am wrong, but is the .450 Revolver ever called a .45 Short Colt or is it always a .450 Short Colt?

However, if someone sends me a scan of a box and they call it a .45 Long Colt box, I will gladly take it and put it in my .45 Colt file!!

As long as we all agree that the .45 Colt and the .45 Long Colt refer to the same cartridge and not two different ones, that is what is important.