And now another questin…why some rounds cal. 32 Long colt are headstamped “32 LCF” when thre was another cartridge with that name?

According to brandt’s book and COTW there are some 32 Long colt variations such as 38 long colt—outside and inside lub. bullet.The outside lubricated bullet version is also called 32 Long colt and has a shorter case than the inside lub. one.However there are cartridges with the inside lub. bullet with 32 LCF headstamp and there is another cartridge with that name:the CF version of the 32 Long RF ,called 32 Long CF…According to me there is the same problem about these cartridges than about 38 long colt ones…



I think you are right. It is the same as it is with the 38 Long Colt. The manufacturers were not consistent with the way they headstamped cartridges and it is still done a lot, even today.

Since many of the center-fire cartridges were originally rim-fire it was a good idea to stamp them as “CF”. Many shooters in those days were not as knowledgeable as we are today and didn’t know the difference between the two. Also, there were inside primed CF cartridges that looked exactly like RF which made it all the more confusing.

Look at it this way - it makes cartridge collecting more interesting.


I think that,such as 38 long colt ammo,32 makers didn’t care about the difference between the out. lub version and the inside lub. one in their catalogs,probably because when the inside lu. version emerged the other one was already out of stock ( I think).I think that was more important to separate the RF version from the CF one that headstamp the cases with the correct name of the cartridge.This is only my opinion about why my 32 Long colt sample is headstamped with the name of a completely distinct cartridge

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