Very interesting informations John. Now a box label wouldt be nice :-)

Here is annother little known shortened and reduced charge cartridge.
The 7,65 x 15 mm

Here a link to the interesting gun … n%20gb.htm


Here is another box label for the 7.65 x 15mm Spanish Pressin cartridges. this box is for loaded ammunition. the box shown above posted by Genkideskan is for empty cases (Vainas). This is an interesting little cartridge, which I have been told is for a small pistol that fits into an eyeglass case. I have some questions on this:

Does anyone have a picture of the weapon designed for this cartridge?

Why do the new, primed empty cases have the primer colored red, when the ball rounds do not?

Why were empty cases provided at all, especially in a box labeled specifically for them? What was the market, or who was the original recipient of the empty cases?

What dates are known on this cartridge? The loaded round in the picture is dated “75” and the empty case is dated “79.”

Is the correct name of this cartridge the 7.65 x 15 Pressin, or does the Pressin have some other meaning, and why are an entry in front of the word “Pressin” and one behind it blacked out on both my cartridge box
and the box for empty cases shown by Genkideskan? The covered entry
after the word appears to be the letter “G” which would turn the name into “PRESSING” if it were not black out. The entry in front of the word I can’t decipher, but it appears to be a symbol rather than a letter.

Perhaps one of our Spanish Forum users can supply the answers to these questions.

It might be interesting to note here that Poland produced a version of the 9mm Makarov cartridge, but with the case shortened to 17mm from the normal 18mm, also said to be a cartridge for some special weapon, perhaps a silenced one.

From the collection of John Moss

I have seen pics of the Pressin weapon, perhaps in the ECRA magazine. It is a two-barreled weapon, shaped and held somewhat like a stapler. The one pictured came in a small leather-like case, supposedly issued to diplomatic personnel.

Very interesting - I post a link above to the weapon article :-)

Here it is againe … n%20gb.htm

I guess I still have a bit of memory left!
Very nice article and pictures.

I was reading an article on the 7.65mm Pressin Pistol, published in the Spanish Magazine “Armas y Municiones,” issue-date unknown (it was taken out of a magazine and mailed to me, and the pages are not dated as to the issue number or date). The article was written by a Sr. J. L. Santaballa. In it, he mentions that “an accessory that accompanied this pistol is unusual and strange; a box of 25 primed cases.” I will not go into the whole discussion about them, some of which I can’t translate without taking the time to go into my dictionaries, but basically, he does not know why they would provide these, and while advancing a few theories, he himself feels they were used simply as blanks, rather than for reloading. It does not seem to address the question of the primer being colored red on these cases.

I also find that I have a photocopy of another of the boxes for the primed, empty cases (Vainas) and that it, too, had the marking “25 Vainas” covered overed, by hand, in red. Makes me wonder if this was done at the factory as an after-thought caution.

No positive new information here, but posted just as a matter of interest. Hope someone who knows more about these interesting little pistols, perhaps a Spanish member, can help us more with this. I have not to date, for example, seen any published ballistics about this cartridge, other than the notation on the web page referenced in this thread about it having half the powder of a normal 7.65mm Browning cartridge.

The spanish guys have lots of humor.

–“for scaring the terrorist to death with the noise…” :-)

It is in fact used as blank for training purpose. So there should be printed

“Fogueo” and not “Vainas”

Muzzle velocity 265 m/s, bullet weight 70 grains

Is it possible that the red colored primer and the red mark over ‘25 Vainas’ are intended to serve as a caution against loading them. Is the primer perhaps not a standard primer?

Guy - I don’t know if the primer is hotter or not. All I can tell you is that the flash holes in the case are normal Berdan holes, not enlarged or anything like that. The cup appears normal as well.