O.K. Ray one of the cartridges that I got today is a "project Salvo " round cal. .22-06 . The h.s. is WRA 57 . I was told that it’s a tri plex bullet loading but I wonder about that.
The cartridge weighs 351 grains -the same as listed for the duplex loading in S.P.I.W. on page 15 .

I am re reading S.P.I.W. right now .

Great Javelina photo’s .




Let me know what you find about that 22/06 SALVO round. Mine has a FA 57 headstamp and weighs only 316 grains so I think it’s a single bullet. I heard that they made the 22 cal multiple bullet loads but all of mine are 30 caliber, both 2 and 3 bullets. I also have a 22 caliber multiple bullet using the 7.62x51 case with a long neck which is kinda rare. The CL ends up the same as the 06 but the shoulder is in the usual place.



here is a : 10 x 108 US
the hstp is : F A 61
The bullet is solid brass



Here is a 30 Nato barrel test
No hstp
electric primer

I stop now. (:
Hoping the people not being at the SLICS have enjoyed the pictures and I hope the guys in ST Louis will find good staff for their collection



Do you have an AAI 32 flechette ( Salvo two ) 12 gauge cartridge ??




Do you have an AAI 32 flechette ( Salvo two ) 12 gauge cartridge ??


Yes Glenn
I have a green plastic case and a red plastic case.
PS : You collect shotshells?



I am very interested in all the “Project Salvo” stuff. I noticed a few loose AAI flechettes for the shot shell at the gun show yesterday.

I am going back now to check them out.

Post a few photo’s of these shot gun cartridges please.



Here are some experimental French ctges.

a) 7.5 Mas necked down to 5.56. Hstp : LM 1-73 VA 7.5
b) 7.5 Mas necked down to 4.6; Hstp : TE 4-72 F 7.5
c) 50 Brg necked down to 7.62. Hstp : MR 1-79 F 12.7
d) 50 Brg necked down to 9. Hstp : TE 2-73 F 12.7
e) 20 x 110 necked down to 12.7. Hstp : none



Some British ctges
4.6 x 30 . Hstp: RG 00 4.6 x 30
4.85 x 44 . Hstp: none
4.85 x 49 . Hstp : RG 76 4.85
6.25 x 43. Hstp : RG 69 6.25 x 43 one sixth of the base violet painted, one sixth of the base red painted




First of all I got the photos you sent. There’s no doubt in my mind that the 22-06 cartridge is a multiple ball. A very good find.

Second,I have a couple of questions about the other cartridges that I’ll send to you in an e-mail as soon as I can get to it.

Third, I have had some conversations with other members regarding the acronyms for the various ORO programs and was wondering if you had any thoughts. I noted that you referred to the flechettes as “Project Salvo stuff”. I have always been of the opinion that flechettes were part of the SPIW Program which is seperate from SALVO I and SALVO II.

Also, I have never been clear as to the connection between SCHV and SALVO. They seem to be the same program for all practical purposes.

Any words of wisdom???



I’m wondering - I know that the number of readers interested in this subject are few, but would it be worthwhile to photgraph some of the cartridges we have, grouping them into the different Programs, as we see them?



Ray–Yes, Please do post photos. I know you have a pretty good selection of these cartridges. Also post photos of any boxes. Between all of us, we should be able to sort these out.

I have asked Ray this question before, but maybe someone else knows something He or I do not. Are there any Official Reports or Summery Reports on any of the projects.


In the begining of S.P.I.W. they have a photo of a Winchester display board -
" A very interesting cartridge board from Olin’s Winchester/ Western Division (headstamps WRA or WCC ) of standard (Simplex) plus special Duplex- and Triplex-bulleted cartridges made up in suport of three important reasearch programs: Aberdeen’s small caliber ,high velocity (SCHV) program, the 1952 Hall Study, and Project Salvo. contract dates 1950-1957."

Contract numbers at top left hand corner:

DA-19 -059 -ORD- 1503

amazon.com/Spiw-Deadliest-We … 0889350388



It must be emphasized that the French “experimentals” pictured by Jean-Pierre do not come from any specific new ammo program, but were built in order to obtain speed mesurements and other data when shot in test barrels, using diverse quantities and kind of powders, in ETBS (Bourges).



I agree with PR.
At the origin these pictures were in the topic called : “Quiet on the forum front”

Guy asked for: "Someone might want to come up with something meaningful just to show the SLICS attendees that the forum can function quite well in their absence. Anyone?

I put the pictures.
And somebody splitted the topic in two parts, making this new one, and moving my pictures.



I think your photos are great, no matter where they are posted.

You have a lot of cartridges that I wish I had. Is there any way that you could adopt me and put me in your will?? :) :)



my will !!!
I am old , I agree, but not old enough to think to writte my will !!
Anyway on my will only shotshells will be there, I am selling all this modern staff, because no more fun for me with it.
Start to collect shotshells if you want to find any interest in my will ! lol!



Don’t worry. I am old too and will probably be gone before you.

When you get ready to sell all of that “modern stuff”, make a list and send it to me. I have seen all of your photographs and there are many of them I would like to have.



[quote=“Ray Meketa”]JP

When you get ready to sell all of that “modern stuff”, make a list and send it to me. I have seen all of your photographs and there are many of them I would like to have.


Sorry but no way Ray.
I don’t want the people say I am selling at incredible prices.
Indeed the prices would be too high because of the rate of Euro versus dollar (1 Euro is more than 1.55 dollars !!).
Therefore I sell only to European guys.
For US guys, I trade my ctges against shotshells.