With that better photo, I’m now confident in saying that the upper bullet is the Peters Protected Point. BUT, it is missing the protective cap that gave it the final ballistic shape.

It would appear that your set actually showed the 3 different Peters bullets, the Belted, the Inner Belted, and the Protected Point.

I’ll dig out my photo of the Protected Point and post it.



Interesting! I guess I need to be on the lookout for a replacement point. There are some significant differences in your bullet and mine, not the least of which is the lead core in mine.



Cartridges with the Peters Protected Point bullet are easy enough to identify. But, sectioning the bullet is a real bear. It’s made up of 4 parts, the core, jacket, inner cap, and tip. The tip is hollow, made of soft copper, and tends to collapse when you try to cut it in half. But, you have sectioned enough stuff to know all the tricks so you’ll do a good job, I’m sure.

I usually melt the core out of the jacket after I section them. I think they better show the guts, especially in some of the more complicated ones such as the Peters.

The guy (no pun intended) who sectioned the bullet in your display may have messed up the works a little.