Laurent-Concerning the Gatling Gun, what years are you interested in? What do you consider “Early”? You did not list .45-70 Government. There were probably more of them in this caliber than any other.

Also, the 1 inch was made in both Rimfire and Centerfire.


The only Gatling cartridges I can think of that MIGHT, I say MIGHT, have been developed JUST for the Gatling would be the .50-70 center fire and so-headstamped. And maybe, the 1 inch Gatling.
I believe the others Krag, Springfields, Mausers and such were calibers just chambered in Gatling guns, not developed for it, other than perhaps specific loadings such as the full case blanks in .30-40 and .45-70.
hope this is of help & feel free to correct.

As to your Austrian Army ? get copies of; Motz, Joseph, Austrian Military Cartridges Volume 1, and 2. Verlagsbuchhandlung Stor, Wein 1996, & 2001.

Super books but written in German, with a far too brief English summary at the end of each chapter. Although the photograph titles are in both languages

Don’t forget the 0.45, 0.55 and 0.65 inch Gatling ctgs all made by Kynoch prior to 1882.

Josef Motz’s books (vol 1 & 2) is available from him on CD for 20 euros as I remember. Try waffenbuecher.com/

Cheers, Lew


Here his Website: