Torn bullet


I got this at a military vehicle collectors expo in New Jersey. Any guess what happened? Oh, yeh, no “tank-over-the-round” jokes.

(Moderator edit - let’s try this image)


Assuming it is a 7.62x51, my guess is a double feed in a mini-gatling gun. This type of gun does not require gases from the firing to operate the gun, so if the round ahead of this round did not fire and eject, then the following round is rammend into the end of the stuck round. We had this problem occasionaly on the 20mm Gatling and the rounds looked like yours, or sometimes it just jammed the two rounds together, telescope fashon.



Truly with no intent to insult, this photo looks a shadow in a dark alley, amigo.

I’ve downloaded, edited and then re-posted dozens of images in the past three months, but I’m about at the limit of my photobucket account, so I can’t keep doing this. (OK, I did it again - LOL)

If you don’t have editing software with your camera, you need to find some freeware from ZDnet, Tucows or a similar site and make the images legible.

I apologize if that sounds harsh, but people gotta improve the quality of the images they are posting. Time to take it to the next level, man.



It looks to me like a 50 Browning M2 ball bullet that was struck by something else moving at high velocity; other than that, who knows?



That may be one of those very rare “hammer-onto-a-cartridge” bullets. ;) :)

Seriously, what caliber is it and what does the “core” look like it’s made of? Magnetic?

It almost looks like it “blew up”. An incendiary or something like that??



Please ignore my previous answer. The photo was so dark that I thought it was a ruptured case with a mashed bullet. But based on Ray’s statement, I now see that it is just a bullet. I agree that it is a functioned Incendiary or Spotter of some type.

I second Iconclast’s statement about the TERRIBLE quality of MOST of the images that are posted. People, it does not need to be this way. Scanners do a good job on headstamps, but they almost always need to to be lightened. The software to do this SIMPLE image improvement is available FREE. Download some and USE IT!!!. After all, if people can’t see the details, how do you expect to get answers???


To Iconoclast: great apologies, I will use “enhance” button in the future.
To Ray: it is a 50 cal magnetic bullet.
If it is an Incendiary or Spotter, why is there a large magnetic core?


It looks like one which was close to an explosion or at least got hit by srapnel from such. It may be the result of an Explosive Ordnance Disposal operation.


Maybe I am missing something here but is that not an M8 or M20 API bullet that has ignited on a relatively soft target and thus not lost its jacket?



Tony, this one isn’t fired.


Ok, so I am missing something! Its allowed at my age.



Possibly a round thats been exposed to fire/heat ?


It looks to me to have been used as a target.