Toronto ammo places

Are there any ammo worthy places to visit in Toronto?

Unfortunately, I haven’t heard of anywhere myself…

The only thing I can really think of in Toronto is Fort York… Which have some relics scattered about… Although, the admission price has gone way up… Other than the Fort, I am not too sure.


… I just remembered… There is a battleship called the “HMCS Haida”. Although it is in Hamilton, Ontario - which is about an hour and forty minute drive from Toronto (depending on traffic). You can take a tour of the battleship, and there is some sort of museum as well. HMCS Haida is located at 658 Catharine St N., Hamilton Ontario.

There is another place in Hamilton… It is called the “Hamilton Military Museum”, located at 610 York Blvd.

(I have not been to either of these places mentioned above, but they look interesting enough to visit.)

Unfortunately, I don’t know of anything else interesting around Toronto and area.


Hi Sksvlad.
Unfortunately, Ammunition and guns are bad words in Toronto. RimPin is right about possibly visiting Fort York, although I don’t know what they have on display. Nothing else that I can think of unless you visit Chris or I. PM me. Unfortunately, we had a Toronto mayor a while back who banned shooting ranges in Toronto. He wanted to ban all guns too, but was thrown out before he could get away with that one. Not much rumbling on that front since.

There is the war plane heritage museum in Hamilton also, but I don’t think they have much or any ammunition.

Black Creek Pioneer village use to have a working gun smith (black powder), but that was shut down and the guns put away decades ago. Political correctness abounds up here in the Great White North…


Military museum at Borden may have some, certainly have armour on display. About 50km north of Toronto though.

There is a military surplus place in Oshawa, Hero Army Surplus. Mostly larger caliber stuff (37mm+) and a bit on the expensive side. Got myself a 3".50 casing, misc small arms casing and a 4" plastic blank from the earlier mentioned HMS Haida. Look on the tops of the shelves for most of the stuff. Address is: 1240 Phillip Murray Ave, Oshawa, ON L1J 6Z9