Torpedo-like thingy

Now, this is not exactly ammo but looks just like one. Jason, you need one for your porch.

I think you might have a MK52 depth bomb. What is the diameter and the length?

Yeah, I could definitely use one of those on my porch :-) It is awesome but I have no clue what it may be. Joel is probably correct? I love the fuze / arming apparatus on the nose.


According to the seller (I have his phone#), it is a military underwing attachement for aerial photography, the propeller rotated by wind generated power for camera. The price tag is next to the propeller. I don’t understand the need for stabilizers if it does not fly on its own.

Interesting. The “LA-” designation indicates it is an ‘accessory’ for aircraft recon cameras, but I can’t find any reference to an LA-380 or -388 (It’s not clear)

It says it’s a “Flasher,” perhaps some sort of non-expendable illumination device?