Torpedo Vaporizer Cartridge

Here is an odd item offered in a Dynamit Nobel catalog dated January, 1967. Right click and open in a new window for full resolution.

Fede, tanks for this page! Great to have!

Has there ever been any seen on the collectible market ?

Pepper, what you see there as DM3 is the same type which was used in WWII already. Those I saw once or twice in about 30 years. The modern ones are like most torpedo material are classified and hardly ever get out of the system.

Fede, thank you for this extremely rare item.
I wonder what LM stands for, given this is from a Dynamit Nobel (DAG) catalog.

For those woho wonder: TS22 and TS23 are the MAKs (Munitionsaustauschkode), the equivalent to DODIC.

Jochem, LM (code used till 1969) is “Gesellschaft mbH zur Verwertung chemischer Erzeugnisse” (Verwertchemie - a DAG daughter) of Liebenau. Also coded “VC” and “LC”. It is the former “Wolff & Co Walsrode” Liebenau plant which was named Eibia-Werke since 1941, since 1957 it was operated by DAG. In 1977 the Verwertchemie stopped it’s operations and the Dutch Eurometaal (former Artillerie Inrichtingen) took over the management (DAG was 33% share holder). In 1995 the facility was closed down after all equipment was shipped out to Turkey.
Means Fede’s catalog is showing items made before 1969 and the catalog is likely made ± few years.

Here some bits of History:

Thank you, Alex.
I knew about Liebenau but had no idea it used code LM.

Jochem and Alex, thanks for the extra information. This Dynamit Nobel catalog covers several products made by their subsidiaries or associated companies, like Depyfag (pyrotechnics), Nico (subcaliber cartridges), Heym (subcalibers), etc.

Below you can see a cover of another catalog from 1963, which clearly illustrates all of their subsidiaries at that time. From top to bottom and from left to right: Rottweil, Rheinisches Spritzguss-Werk, Verwertung Chemischer Erzeugnisse, Dynamit Nobel-Genschow, Sprühtechnik, Dynamit AG Troisdorf, Dyna-Plastik-Werk, Chemische Werke Witten, Werk Rheinfelden, Eckert & Ziegler, and Depyfag.



Fede, nice catalog it seems to be!

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