Torpedo's USS Turner Joy (DD-951)

During my trip in the USA I visited the USS Turner Joy (DD-951) at Bremerton Washington
special for (the torpedo men) Jason I have some pictures taken!!

VERY nice photos gyrojet!

Great shots, if I go back to Seattle, I’ll try to get shots like this, maybe at McChord.

Thanks so much for taking such detailed photographs for me, Gyro! I just saved them all to my reference collection :-) Just awesome! What is the history of the Turner Joy? Did it ever get torpedo damage itself? I have a piece removed steal hull section that I think if I remember correctly came from that ship? Now I gotta go look threw all my pictures :-) Slickrick, gave it to me many years ago.


This ship was attacked in the “Gulf of Tonkin” incident which pretty mcu got the U.S. into the Vietnam war. for the history of the ship.

Thank you so much, John for the great link.