Total Newbie Here: How do I store collected ammo?

Hi all:

I am a new ammo collector and I was wondering if there are any special methods for storing ammo which I have collected. I am not yet ready for any kind of display, I just wondered if there were any simple techniques for keeping the growing collection more organized than, say, an ammo can or plastic storage box.

Any thoughts?

BTW, I am collecting just small calibers (< 50 BMG-ish) to begin with.

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Hey Tex

Welcome. Here’s a thread that may answer some of your questions. Lots of ideas. … ht=storage



We have all been

having tried about everything, I have found that the the plastic trays with movable dividers and clip with hinge covers gives me the quickest access to any particular round with out too much searching, Each plastic tray is numbered and the individual units are numbered so it is easy to use and locate.

Collect something else. You will just have to give it up or try to get an arsenal license in the near future. Good luck !

Ammo collecting is just for folks who remember what it meant to be free.

We will die out soon and no one in the future will believe that we actually owned ammunition OR GUNS !

Avoid the pain ; collect stamps.

Rich–If you have not already visited the IAA Home Page (Click on it at the top of the listings) I suggest you do so. There is a wealth of information there.

If you scroll to the bottom of the Home page you will find a section called [color=blue]A Guide to Ammunition Collecting for beginners and advanced collectors[/color]. I think you will find lots of answers to your “Newbe” questions.

But don’t be afraid to ask what ever you might think are “dumb” questions. I promise you will be given an honest answer with no condescension. As Pepper said "We have all been

Here is my old post, maybe it is useful … ht=storage

This is how I store my collection.
I think that most collectors here store their collections in similar ways

If you don’t want to use all of the space which drawers and chests require, then you can do what I do and just store each individual cartridge in small zip-lock plastic bags. I get my tiny bags at craft supply stores like Jo-Ann Fabric or AC Moore. This way I can label the bag instead of writing on the cartridge itself, and the cartridge is sealed from the outside air and humidity. You can also stuff a bunch of cartridges stored like this into a box and not worry about them rubbing against each other (metal-on-metal anyway).


If you live near a big medical supply wholesaler you may be able to get some plastic trays used to store and ship tubes, such as blood samples.

Whatever you do, first figure how much storage you will need and then multiply it at least 10X. Even 25X may not be enough.


Just send it all to me and I will be glad to store it for you.

Wow, thanks for all the replies!

I will follow up with the suggestions. I appreciate the welcome and response.

I have been reading through many threads, and so far much of it is a new language for me. Lots to learn!

I also use the small zip lock bags - not helpful for being able to view your collection, but they do protect the cartridges from the humidity and other atmospheric enemies to lead, brass and gunpowder. I get my bags from the National Bag Company web site, which you may find will be a cheaper alternative:

They sell them by the box of 1000- I use the 2 mil 2" x 3" ($29.90) and 3" x 4" ($30.85), which handle about anything under 50 cal, although some of the British express cartridges require a 3" x 4". Here the link for the 2 mil ‘economy’ bags:

Drawers are me (used cabinets bought from auction sites & repainted faces)

Some neat

Some not so neat

Some in drawers in tubes (although I have officially abandoned that, and they are out of tubes now)

Tubes used to be wall displayed on my home made Velcro display boards (loved them…but out grew them)

(Anyone want to buy 20 boards and a pile of used tubes !!) ???

I just want to be adopted by Pepper.

how 'bout you just adopting all my lonely display boards ?

I used to attach a small strip of hook Velcro to the rounds (yes, it could change the oxidation pattern on the case)…but the bigger issue was the Velcro adhesive was slightly “viscous” and the rounds would slide.

When I discovered the clear tubes (could buy a case of 1000 at a reasonable price)…the Velcro married great to the acetate tubes and they hung there just fine, easy to relocate and add rounds to the collection as well…I just out grew the boards

(I usually only displayed under .50 cal and not my special purpose shotshells)

Oh well…it

So you made it over here from TFL Rich. I had all mine on display on shelves but the domino effect was common and I ran out of space quickly. 50 cal ammo tins and snap lock bags work really well in my case for storage seeing I’m away from home (and I’m not supposed to have ammo here) but map draws and corrugated cardboard look really impressive for display


Cheap and Easy…Frugal is my nature.

Stackable “Sterilite” drawers (used by the ladies to store their shoes?).
Common Zip Lock “snack bags”. (Holds .50 BMG size)
3 x 5 blank cards attached with staples (on the outside lip of the bag).
The cards are positioned so that they are like a tab for easy flip through.
Cards are printed from master data base.

Not great for mass viewing, but items are protected and can be inspected for most purposes without direct handling. (Hate those finger prints from 10 years ago) Groups are easily pulled for study of a topic using a simple filing format. I have found the food bag material to be inert in contact with all ammunition related materials so far (30+ years).


Welcome to the IAA Forum theothertexasrich

I jus plastic tubes for about 20 jears now and all cartridges are in good condition…

And Pepper is right…
Join us…you learn a lot more than how to store your collection