Toyo Seiki .30 Cal. Box

Rare picture of a Japanese Toyo Seiki .30 cal. ball cartridge box (.30-06) using code “TS” and made to U.S. specifications. Note cartridges are designated “Type 53” and date of manufacture is October 1956 (Shōwa 31.10.). From catalog dated c. 1958.

Cartridges with this headstamp code are very rare and only reported with a “53” date. In the 1956 the code changed to “J-TE”.


Finally! I caught Fede in a mistake. Fede, mi amigo, you put in the title of the thread “Toy Seiki” instead of “Toyo Seiki.” I was beginning to think you were actually a computerized information robot. Glad to know you’re human. :-) :-)

You know this gloating is just jealousy because you have so much information and are virtually always correct! I make typo errors all over the place!

Wonderful shot. I have never seen one of these Japanese wooden cases either up close or even in pictures, before this.

Thanks for posting this, mi gran amigo.


John, you caught me! Thanks for the correction.

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Hi Fede

nice Picture, thanks a lot, but are you sure about the headstamp ?
Chris Punnett mentions in his book that the headstamp is TS 53 and not 53.


Hi René, I agree that the only reported headstamp is “TS 53”, but this box is dated 1956. Maybe they used cases dated “53” during four years or maybe they also manufactured cases with 54, 55 and 56 dates and we still have to find them.



Earliest H/S I have is: J-TE 56 , then J-TE W57, J-TE W58 and J-TE W59