Tracers in danish use: 7,62x51 NATO


While moving crates around at a local dealer to find the remaining boxes of surplus 7,62x51 NATO ball ammo for training with my old spanish police Mauser, we noticed a few cardboard boxes of assorted tracer and of course I forgot all about ball ammo…
It has always been FKF/HMAK policy to buy cheap whenever the chance where there, so AMA was only occasionally ordered to make tracer cartridges.
This is only a small sample and in fact I only have one question for the experts: The orange tipped LC to the right, is that an ordinary (red) tracer or something special? I have looked a bit on the net but a complete list of bullet tip colors are not easy to find (Or maybe its just me…)

The scratches comes from the removal from the links some of it sat in. Notice the very deep cannelure on the left AMA '94 bullet, it must be almost through the jacket…


The 7.62MM NATO M62 Tracer is identified by an orange tip. The same cartridge for overhead fire applications is identified by a red tip.



I was told that in the army here the orange tip is for delayed ignition and the red tip is for “normal” tracer. What definition “normal” has here, overhead etc. I don’t know. The DAG 82 lot we tried last year consistently hit a SAAB falling target 490 meters out on the Jægerspris range. -Even I could do it ;-)



My comment referred only to the US tracers. The standard (orange) and OF (red) are different only in the number and scope of inspections made during manufacture. There are also M80 Ball versions of OF ammunition but I don’t think it can be identified once it is out of the box.

The US also has the M276 Tracer with Green/Pink and Violet tips. I think they are more correctly called Dim Tracers although I’m not really up-to-date on the modern cartridges. Someone else could tell us if either of them is a delayed tracer.



My comments were directed primarily at the color tips but I have been reminded that there are two other differences that seperate the OHF cartridges from the others. They have GM jackets (no GMCS) and the base closure cup is replaced with a disc.