Tractor starter cartridge

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I love the hammer or is it a manual ignition device…

I still get asked to prepare “Marshall Starters” for Tractor Buffs every couple of Years. Simply a 12ga. Case full of 3Fg or 4Fg Black Powder, and a crimped wad. As to the “Saltpetre Paper” wick, that is simply Linen Paper (very rough and tough) that has been soaked in a solution of Saltpetre ( Potassium Nitrate) and allowed to dry.

The Cartridge provides the initial “Kick start” and also Ignites the wick, which then continues to discharge the Oil and air Mixture in the cylinder (a Single large Bore, reminiscent of the very early Diesels). The Engine has a distinct “chug-chug-chug” sound.

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Take a look at the older thread that Sportclay listed

you’ll see quite a few photos (2 page thread) (and the “wicks”) of starter cartridge variations