Tragedy Caused by Confusion Between Blanks and Wad Cutters


Obviously, the Safety Officer didn’t do his job. Procedures weren’t followed. The Cop screwed up. I remember sitting through a particular safety lecture in the Navy. The basic premise was that lethal accidents are seldom the result of a single person messing up. Fatalities are usually due to an uncoordinated group failure.


Very Terrible for both families & safety procedures were evidently not followed.

That blanks would be allowed is also wrong. Wads can kill and a firearm used like this needs to be made safe to fire them.


A similar incident happened in the UK in 2007. A police officer accidentally shot a civilian police worker with a .44 Magnum revolver after mistaking a live round for a dummy. Supposedly both live rounds and dummies were kept loose in the same container, which was obviously an accident waiting to happen. Fortunately the man who was shot survived.


I don’t understand why any police office, anywhere, would think he had
blanks in his gun, and instead had wadcutters. Why would any policeman
go on duty believing, right or wrong, that he had blanks in his gun, and why
would he point a gun at an elderly lady, even believing there was a blank in
the gun, and pull the trigger, even in some sort of training exercise? Absolute insanity.
The first rule of safe gun handling is never point a gun at anyone that you
don’t wish to destroy, That officer in Florida should be first fired from
his job (which it seems he was), and then arrested and tried for committing gross
negligence resulting in a homocide. Sickening! His negligence was no less
than that of someone driving drunk and causing a fatal accident. And yes, I am
pro-Police. My son is a retired Calfiornia Peace Officer. I believe he would feel
the same as I do.

John M.


Sickening, indeed.