Trainer, Machine Gun, Cal. .22

Attached are pictures of two .22 cal web belts for machine gun.
No markings
Brass end each 3 1/2 inches long
28 1/4 inch long cloth belt
Total length 35 1/4 " long
100 Impressed P 22 LR cartridges
I can find very little information on this web belt.
I found one reference on the internet for 22 machine gun trainer M1 and references for-
TM 9-1205 army manual.
Trainer, Machine gun, cal. .22, M3. M4, M5.
Any information on web belt, BMG 30 cal machine gun floating Chamber System to fire .22 cal. rimfire.
Bob Ruebel
I don’t think this belt is for a modern Tippman but I could be wrong.

Great info Rob, I have never seen a .22 belt.

This youtube video shows a Tippman with the same belt just newer and cleaner. They also show a miniature machine gun with a link feed.


US .22 movie studio Maxim Machine gun

Swiss Army .22 sound Simulator

Successor to the belt-fed .22 trainers - the Cal .22 Cartridge Holder.

.22 Cartridge Holder, Ray Meketa, a

.22 Cartridge Holder, Ray Meketa, b

Successor to the belt-fed .22 trainers - the Cal .22 Cartridge Holder.


I know this one and have a belt of aprox. 50 cartrdiges myself but is this one supposed to be loaded
with 22 blanks or with 22 ball ammo. In case of ball ammo, was there a M1917 with a 22 barrel ?
Or how did this work ?



The Cal .22 Cartridge Holder used 22 LR cartridges in converted MGs (M3, M4, and M5 Trainers).

M3 for the 1917a1
M4 for the 1919a4
M5 for the ANM2 .30 caliber


What perplexes me about the first pictured belt is the fact the rims are touching one another. Since this belt would have to feed by having the individual cartridges pulled out to the rear and then fed into the mechanism I can’t see how it could really work. Jack

Perhaps the original one shown is not for an actual firing gun, but one of the “miniature” non-firing guns made as display items.

Perhaps it was original loaded with some sort of miniature .30 caliber cartridges, which may have been lost over time, so someone decided to fill it with the .22 rimifires so it would display as a full belt of ammunition with their miniature gun. Well informed people would recognize that it is not correct, but for the casual observe it may have been good enough.