Training device


I own these for along time,I was told they are part of a hand granade training setup of the German
Bundeswehr where do these screw in primer nipples fit in they have Nato Head stamps 762+ 51
info would be welcome


Do you have any pictures from different angles?

Those primed “heads” appear to be the exact same as the ones found in the black plastic blanks. The heads weren’t screwed into the plastic, however, they were simply pressed in.


I agree with Strelok that the two items at the top are the brass bases of German 7.62 m NATO cartridges with plastic cartridge bodies. As far as I know, they were not used in hand grenades.
They could be from the blank variety (Manöverpatrone) which in very early years may have been black but I have seen them only with olive green bodies. Most were produced by Huck, Nürnberg (code HK).
They also could be from the plastic training variety (Übungspatrone) which had a light blue body, the front part of which acted as an extremely light plastic bullet. These were produced by Dynamit Nobel (DAG) at Stadeln near Nürnberg (known as RWS in the civilian rifle ammunition field), today part of RUAG.


The longer item (lower item on picture) is a DM48A1 or A2 detonator tube for the German igniter DM18A1 used on the DM58 Üb Handgrenade (Practice).


Orpheus 72
Thank you for sending on these pics they sure show how it works another riddle solved for me both you and
peelen gave an excellent describtion of the device I thank both of you