Training Manual Small Arms, Grenades and Special Equipment of the German Police, Textbook 1930

Schmitt: Waffentechnisches Unterrichtsbuch für den Polizeibeamten.

Some cartridge drawings, weapon diagrams, grenade diagrams etc.

Maybe some of you can read it but I can’t!

Scan available here:

Thanks a lot for sharing.

When viewing the book, a link “DJVU” is shown, which allows you to download the book as a .djvu file, which is a sort of Russian equivalent to pdf.
Viewing programs like WinDjView can be easily found on the Web.

Just a remark.
For image viewing (including djvu files - which can be extracted to jpg there), cropping and lots of very quick applied changed image properties + batch conversion, cropping etc.
I can only recommend IrfanView. It is for free and by far the best
Though the best is the flipping (scrolling) through images (and videos if wanted). In particular in full screen mode and selectable appearance/format.
Way better than Windows image viewer or others.