Training rounds

Here are some training rounds.

  1. 223 :
    From left to right:
    White case, Rim Fire primer
    Coppered case, Center fire primer
    White case, Center Fire primer

  2. 9 para:
    From left to right :
    White case, Center Fire primer
    Light coppered case, Center Fire primer
    Coppered case , Center Fire primer

Could you please explain me the difference between all these ctges?
Which one in each caliber is the scarcest ?

Have a look here

From the website,

  1. the 9 para I have are Leer ctges.
    But it doesn’t explain the difference between 3 ctges I have
  2. the 223 I have are either:
    Leer or silent or battlefield blank.
    But it doesn’t tell difference between RF and CF

O.K. The dummy is back, and admitting to total ignorance again. What is a “leer” cartridge?

John Moss


A picture is worth a thousand words, or in this case, four words. Thanks Ray. Now all I have to do is find specimens of the 9mm Leer. I have the die marker cartridges in a fair assortment, but not the “LEER.”

John M.

John–You need to look for a 9mm LERR, not LEER.

hello !
I still didn’t understand the difference between the CF and the RF ones.

I think the RF ones are designed so you have to replace the weapon’s bolt with a “training” bolt made from aluminium to fire them, the recoil spring also has to be replaced with a lighter one as far as I know.

The RF primer and firing pin prevent a full powered round from being discharged if it was accidentally chambered, which the lighter recoil spring and aluminium bolt could not handle. It also prevents the danger of a full powered round being discharged in a training area intended for low powered ammunition.

Here is a link the the replacement bolt section on the site, there is also some onformation about the range of training ammuniton they manufacture.

Interestingly, it appears UTM products are manufactured in the UK.

They are a UK business but the cartridges are made elsewhere (cheaper labour),

Hi Falcon !
so it means there are two kinds of ammo :
the RF ones to use with a conversion
the CF ones to use directly in the gun .

Are you sure of that ???