Transfer photos to new PC

I’m looking at getting a 21st Century PC to replace my old Dell. But I want to keep my photo file which contains hundreds of cartridge photographs that I’ve taken over the years. Is there an easy and inexpensive way to load them into a new PC? For example, could I save them all on disc and the transfer them to a new PC that way?

I’m very computer illiterate so don’t suggest getting any new hardware. It will be hard enough simply trying to navigate a new PC. I now have XP Professional and it’s the only system I have ever used.


A USB flash drive would be the easiest way to transfer files. You can get them online or at just about any electronics or office supply store, or even Target. Here’s an example of an inexpensive one from Office Depot:

You would simply plug it in to your current PC and it will show up as a new drive. Copy your files to it, then plug it into the new machine and move the files to their new home.

16 gigabyte models like the one I linked to are pretty cheap, and even 32 gigabyte ones are easy to find for under $30.

Even if you copy your files to the new computer, I would recommend removing the hard drive from the old system and keeping it. If you ever discover that you’ve missed an important file, it would be easy to reconnect the old drive to your new computer to retrieve it. Plus you don’t have to worry about erasing the drive before you get rid of it, although that is pretty easy to do as well.

Feel free to drop me an email if you have any questions as I’d be more than happy to help!

If your old PC has a CD/DVD burner in it it would be a good idea to copy them all to a CD or DVD. You would then have them all backed up to a disk in case you have a PC crash in the future and you will be able to easily copy them from the CD to your new hard drive. As a retired IT Manager I’ve too often seen people lose everything that they had on your PC because of a hard drive failure. The jump drive is a good idea to easily move files between machines.

Your new PC will have an upgrade feature built into it that will allow you to move your programs and files between machines with a network cable but your Dell will have older programs on it that may not run correctly (or at all) on your new machine which will likely have Windows 8 on it.

Thanks Chip and Roger. Maybe it will be easier than I was afraid it might be.

I assume a flash drive and jump drive are the same thing?

I had planned on avoiding the new Widows 8, based on all the bad things I’ve read about it. Most all of the new PCs that I’ve looked at still have Windows 7. I would really like to keep XP since that’s all I’ve used and my wife has even gotten used to it. I have used Windows 7 when I’m out of town and have to borrow a PC so I think I can work with it. But jumping all the way to Windows 8 may be too much at one time.

Thanks again. I feel a lot more comfortable now.


Yes, flash drive, jump drive and thumb drive are all names for the same thing. They make an easy file save/transfer. We called them “sneaker-nets” because you can save a file on them, walk across the room and copy it to another PC. Kinda like a network without cables.

If getting a new PC I would also get a back up stand a lone drive like a WEstern Digita; 1 TB or something. If yopu are like me you will have far too many graphics for a flash drive and will have to copy many times. Get a back up USB hard drive, they are under $100. Copy all your files from your old pc on to it. Then you can plug this drive in your new pc as well and use it. Great to keep a back up of all files and you can unplug this drive and use it on other PC’s as needed. Best option in my mind.

I am using Dell LCD 17". Its overall performance is well and I am enjoying my work on it.