Translating PDF's

Is there any way to translate this PDF file into English? I have tried Google Translate but that facility gives up after twenty minutes and tells me that it cannot be translated. There looks to be a lot of good information available here but how can I get it translated?

That takes a couple of time to translate it. If you need it I can try it.

Why don’t you use this book? … 1479345237

I have it in print version. That’s not bad.

The book mentioned by Jim Miles does not contain anything that can be considered new, except for some reason the Pr cartridge is called F. In my opinion translating the text will not reveal anything worth the effort.
Indeed the book mentioned by Manuel seems considerably more informative for an English speaking reader.

Thank you gents…I shall just order the book. I was simply wondering whether there might be a program that would easily translate such a file.

The problems are the technical terms.
Programs can’t make it. That’s also not easy to read english -> german translated text.

The offer still holds, so if you need maybe a text passage translated, I will make it.

Manuel, I appreciate your offer but please don’t spend any time on this…unless of course you can see anything of interest that isn’t covered in Geremy’s book.