Translating websites into another language

I have found a few websites I would like to look at but they are not in English, can anyone tell me how I can translate a full webpage into English. I have used google translate to translate small parts but is there a way of translating the whole webpage


My computer offers me a translation of anything it deems foreign, there is a small window popping up in upper right saying “Translate this page?”.
A good place to start is to ask the web master of this web site, Aaron Newcomer, for an advice. He is a collector who gets a lot of foreign stuff, and he might know.

Use Google translate. If you use chrome just click at the top in the address bar to translate the website.

Richard, You can change your browser to Chrome this will do it in one but also just copy and paste full page into google translate, it does a fair job but with this type of subject there are lots of minor errors.

Simply paste the link to the page into the Google Translate box. Select the original language and the desired language (e.g. English).

Then click the link on the translated side.
It will take you to a translated version of the webpage.


The important thing is not to be surprised if the “translation” says the opposite of what the original text says.
Frankly, after more than three decades of professionally dealing with computers and the people writing “software”, I think that any trust in computer output on non-trivial issues like foreign languages is misplaced.

Many thanks for all your help, Like many of you have said it does not fully translate it correctly but it is a great deal easier to read it all now.

thanks again