Translation is required, please


Hello, guys I hope you all are fine, I was surfing our website Someone needs the following translation into spanish. If you can give a further definition or the exactly definition in spanish, It will really help


Well, here goes nothing. Firstly, I don’t know the word Bariment in the English language - it is not in my dictionary. It may be a proper name, but I can do nothing with that word.

Bariment stainless steel fluted (not "fluter) barrel .308 caliber, 175 grain and hollow point.

Bariment ca


My Spanish is non-existent, but it sounds like a partial description of a firearm and the bullet being used in it.
Most likely it’s for a target, or other long range, rifle


I use this site for translation and it gives this translation ;

“Barril del fluter del acero inoxidable de Bariment, calibre del 308, grano 175 y punto hueco”

as the Spanish for Bariment stainless steel fluter barrel, .308 caliber, 175 grain and hollow point


Walter - that’s the whole trouble with using translaters on the web - they don’t do a good job. “Barril” is a barrel alright, but it is a barrel as in “cask” or in “wine barrel,” for example. "Ca


Thanks for that John, that explains the odd answers I get to emails that I send using an online translator :-)


Thanks guys, It really helped me to understand it better, John your spanish is great. I am happy to know you speak my mother tongue. As you said “translators” do not do a good job in this case.

regards. Ado