Translation needed


Any assisance is greatly appreciated. Unfortunately, it’s all Greek to me.


I tried a free online OCR program and then pasted into google translate, but it was all garbled and the only word I could get out of it was “July” in one part of the top photo.


Thanks. I probably should have included a shot of the contents. 7.92x57


I can read it but have problems understanding, something about Mauser and automatic firing.


They were made in 1952. You’re welcome. :-)


MAUZER 7.9 mm.
For automatic weapons and Rifles
Manufactured at 1952


As was recently remarked in another thread, the breadth and depth of information on this forum is at times truly astounding. And I hadn’t even mentioned that the date was the part I was really trying to work out. [;>0


Thanks, Mechanik! That really is what I was trying to work out. So what I said before still goes.


It’s a gift.


Can’t we talk about cartridges??? I’m sitting here getting snowed on and you guys are making jokes. ;) ;)

5, 4, 3, . . .


Greek translation:
Ellinikos Stratos == Greek Army ( Liter. "Army of the Hellenes)
20 Fuziggia Bolidota 20 Cartridges “Balled”

Mauzer 7,9mm ( self explanatory)

Ai Automata Opla kai Tufekia ==For Automatic Weapon and Rifles ( “opla” mod.of “Hoplos”/Hoplites ==“armed Infantryman”).

Kataskeun: 1952 Made/delivered 1952

End Label: Greek Pyro ( Powder) and Cartridge, Athinai (Athens)

Doc AV "“Its all Greek to me”…Gun and ammo collecting taught me basic Greek.

AV Ballistics.


So there’s no “July” in there? I guess the OCR programs aren’t very good at figuring out Greek.