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Pictures of various German boxes i have.
Translations welcome
Bob Ruebel 1-22-11

I have a empty 25 round Geco box ( newer production with warning label) that has a over label that reads

mit Uberladung
Gasdruck ca. 400-500 kp/cm2 (squared)
Geco Kal 6.35 mm

Bob Ruebel


Ah, those are the ones with the colored plastic-wax bullets. Something like a gas/blank/proof cartridge. I never quite understood exactly what those things are. I think I’ve had them with red and black bullets, perhaps white as well.


Bob, These loads are not intended for the proof of a normal .25 auto pistol, but rather for gas guns, which require proofing under German Law. The translation of the label is:

Barrel-proof cartridges
with over loading
Gas Pressure ca. 400-500 KP/CM2 (Squared)
Geco Cal. .25 Auto
Blank Cartridges
hard wax bullet

Being a total dumbbell when it comes to scientific stuff, I cannot interpret or explain the Gas Pressure figures and formula. Someone with some brains will have to do that.

John Moss



I believe the pressure is indicated in kiloponds(kilograms force) per square centimeter which at 400-500 would be equal to 5,689-7,112 PSI.

Sounds like an interesting little item. Don’t think I’ve seen one of those before.



Dave - They do not show up much. The concept of a proof load in a blank was something new to me when I acquired a box of them. I haven’t check my box to see if it is the same as Bob’s, but it is Geco also. At the time I acquired it, which is only about a couple of years ago, we had never heard of such a thing. In fact, it was even unknown to Bill Woodin, which surprised me. Happily, the box was full so there were some to go around.

One of the German collectors explained to me why they had to make some blank cartridge proof loads, since German law did not exempt the little blank/gas autos from the proofing laws.

I just went down and got my box. It is the same as Bob’s I would guess. ON mine, the original caliber has been changed bu blotting out the number “8” for the 8mm Platzpatrone, which I have not seen in a proof load but obviously exists since this box was originally printed for it, and stamping “6.35” above it. The box label does not actually say “squared” anywhere - I guess Bob was pre-interpreting that part of it, unless his does say it.

Mine had cartridges with two different headstamps in it. One is just “Geco 6.35” while the other
is headstamped “L Geco L 635”. The “L” in both instances is upside down and backward, making the date code for 1966. The primers are lacquered all black, and the rims are knurled.
In the case of each of the two headstamps, there are two bullet-shape variations to the white, hard-wax bullets. One pretty much duplicates the standard ogive of a FMJ RN 6.35 mm bullet.
The other has straighter sides up to with a mm or so of the tip, and then curves over in a dull-pointed tip. Four variations in one box! Fun!


The actual conversion:

1.033 kp/cm2 = 1.013 bar = 14.696 psi (lb/in2)



Thank you for that additional information!



Is there any indication of what the collour of the wax means. I one’s be told the red wax indicates a sort of teargas load, but never found any documentation that confirms that.
I also been told that the white wax bullet is a blank and later in time the collour changed in black wax. The same here, never found any documentation that confirms that… or is this just the result of different factories who made the ammo??
Does somebody know more detail about meaning of the collour of the wax and the different types of the bulletshape??

Thanks in advance,



SM is a company founded in 1992 in the Eastern part of Germany
It could be, I am not sure, that RSM is the first name of the company.
They also produced guns. A link;