Translation of Arabic Boxes

I am currently working on the Arabic headstamps for the last part of my 9mmP headstamp guide. I greatly need someone to translate some of the 9mm Arabic box labels. If anyone has someone who can do this, or knows someone, I would appreciate being put in contact.

Any help or advice is appreciated.


Lew, email them to me.

You also can use this one:

Ken Elks?

[quote=“manuel”]You also can use this one:[/quote]
Manuel, great!

If you understand the arabic script and know how letters change depending from their position in a word, this is an easy-to-use entry tool for the latin keyboarders indeed. Unfortunately, if you want to use the integratedtranslation function, that does not work. So from that point, copy the written and paste into the translation site.

Thank you much, one step ahead!