Translation of Base Markings 37mm M1916 Shell Case, Help


[b]Hello to all. First post here - a kind member at US Militaria Forums directed me to you. I’m curious, not knowledgeable in the least, about the markings on the base of this shell. Is it possible to determine approximate dating? Why are there 2 lot numbers, exclusive of the one on the primer? For info, the expansion ring is stamped “Lot 1075-28” with the flaming bomb ordnance mark. Thanks much for any replies.

Lynne [/b]


Welcome to the forum, Lynne

Shell case was made by Poole Engineer & Machine Co. of Woodberry, MD
the AM lot is the loading data, and the Lot is the case lot data according to Robert A. Mellichamp in his A Gun For All Nations, The 37 mm Gun & Ammunition Vol. 1 1870-1913

He notes During 1916 Poole manufactured 37 x 95 mm contract ammunition for the Imperial Russian Army and Navy, and which later wound up in Spain, but also says see Vol II for more information. Vol II is not yet in print. So sorry not to be of more help.

I don’t collect this stuff but think this gun had a reasonably long life, for whatever that is worth.

  • @ summerdogs: Please note that the primer was not fired by the 37mm cannon (the primer seems to be deformed and the mark from the primer isn’t of a firing pin). Liviu 09/02/10


Here is an image of the Model 1916 gun in case anyone was wondering what it looked like.

As far as dates of manufacture goes, I may be wrong, but always thought the “-27” and “-30” after “1075” as seen here would indicate the year the case and primer were manufactured.