Translation of Hebrew on FN 7.62mm box?


I would appreciate it if someone could give me a translation of the 7.62mm FN box in the middle. It appears to be Hebrew.

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Right to left, the first line is:



HA"SH (an abbreviation for Hoder Shirion or Armor Piercing)


LOT:[ FN-7-67 ]

Nice box!


I was looking for boxed U.S. M61 7.62mm AP to put in an M14 display. This nice box of FN came available with one just like it and I am very happy to have them. Your translation is very much appreciated.

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Happy to help. You should get into contact with Dave S. He is also in the IAA and on the Forum, and big into 7.62 NATO and boxes.


I sent Dave S. a PM.

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THis is an indication that the IDF (through IMI) also sourced specialised ammo from European manufacturers at times . This AP was made by FN, whilst I have seen crates of FNM (Portugal 7,9mm ammo from the late 70s-early 80s )also with Hebrew Labels. Obviously to fulfill small volume requirements not easily made by an automatized factory dedicated to making only 5,56 and 7,62 Ball ammo in huge quantites.

The price of reduction of versatility is the need to outsource special ammo.

Australia is in a similar situation…we only make Powder and 5,56 Ball and Blank, and .50BMG Ball and Blank, and not all at the same time…7,62NATO, .30/06, and 9mm are all sourced overseas (at exhorbitant cost)…even the primers come from ATK (CCI) in the USA…we never switched to making Boxer primers…only Berdan, and that ceased in 1990.

Block the sealanes, the and the Aussie Military Ammo industry(one contractor factory) comes to a grinding halt.

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During my Basic and then Infantry school in the IDF, I was a MAAGIST (issued a Mag58 GPMG). I remember each 250 round belt being a large mix of different headstamps. I think I took a few interesting ones, but unfortunately I wasn’t really a cartridge collector yet!


The seal on one box of this FN AP was broken, so headstamp info was (NATO) FN 67. I have a couple hundred rounds of TZ AP rounds taken from surplussed MaG belts. Dates range from '59-'77 with the earlier cartridges having month and year head stamp info, some TZ marked and other marked in Hebrew. The closest I could find to the 7-67 dated FN box was another AP round headstamped 9-67.



Interesting. I have no info on when Israel began producing special loads, but I think they started 7.62x51 production ca.1954. I hope a NATO expert will provide the exact dates.


I have ball rounds with hs as early as 1955 and 1956. I also have one marked 1 49 N, but I don’t belive the 49 refers to the year of manufacture unless it’s been resized from a 8mm Mauser. Any thoughts?
I have a ball cartridge marked 46065 S and a tracer marked 56065 S - I believe that these are Israeli. Can anyone confirm this and provide more info on their history?
Another question on Israeli ammunition - DocAV suggests that Israel outsourced special needs - was the Israeli teargas round made internally or under contract?

Dave S


Dave S.

Do your rounds look like these? I got mine from a Phoenix ammunition re-manufacture some years back (1991). The owner told me they were mixed in a shipment of captured Egyptian ammunition he received from Israel. He said they were probably of South African origin. That


Dave S. - your “1 49 N” headstamp on 7.62 NATO is almost certainly Israeli. I cannot speak for NATO since I don’t collect that caliber, but I can tell you that I have in 9mm Luger, the headstamps “S 1 44” and “1 49 S” (yes, the two headstamps are oriented differently if you pay close attention to the shape of the letter “S”). The first I have only in ball. The second I have in ball, and my notes indicate I had a tracer as well before I had to give those loads up. Evidently the tracer had a red tip, as I noted in my catalog that only tiny traces of red could be seen in the pores of the tip of the bullet jacket. There rounds were unquestionably Israeli and came from there. If you matched characteristics with other normal Israeli 9mm headstamped rounds, it was clear that if you added ten years to the dates on these two clandestine-headstamp rounds, you have about the right year of manufacture, 1954 and 1959.

Phil - regarding the numerical headstamps, these, too, are Israeli and similar rounds but in caliber 9mm are in my own collection, from the same huge importation of loose Israeli and Israeli-captured or used foreign ammo I previously described on another thread in this Forum. I have three different: “25064 S”, “11067 S” and “86065 S” with the first two being ball and the third, now gone but still in my catalog, a tracer with red tip. Again, my notes say that most of the red color is gone. It has now been a long time since I had these, but as I recall, a lot of that ammunition had been cleaned, and that is probably what did in the tip colors. I suspect with these rounds, also candestine headstamps, that the last two digits represent the year of manufacture, but I am not positive of that.

There are also a couple of Israeli blue tip 9mm subsonics that have headstamps that don’t give away, of themselves, their manufacturer, but are known Israeli, but they don’t relate to anything on this thread.

John Moss



Good to know. I had no idea what they were, only what I was told. I should have known better than to pass on unsubstantiated data. In computer circles that’s known as GIGO (garbage in - garbage out).