Translation of Hungarian needed

I need a translation of part of the name of the company RAUG AMMOTEC, Magyarországi ZRt, including the full Hungarian name represented by “ZRt.” I don’t need anything on “RUAG AMMOTEC,” just the words following it.

I also need a translation of “Rendörségi Használatra,” which also appear on the box label from which all these words are taken.

I would also be interested in the full word abbreviated by “db” under the “50” denoting the amount of rounds in the box, both the Hungarian word and the translation. I am sure it means something relating to quantity (pieces, etc.), but would just like to know.

Any help will be appreciated. Hopefully Vince will see this.

John Moss

He will very soon!

It is RUAG AMMOTEC Hungary. Zrt stands for ‘Zártkörűen működő részvénytársaság’ which is the form of the business where the shares are not on the exchange.

‘Rendőrségi használatra’ means for police use.
db is for ‘darab’ (pieces)


Vince - Thank you.

John Moss