Translations needed for photo posting instrucions

LAURENT’s post brought up the fact that folks not fluent in English are finding it difficult to understand the instructions for posting photos.


Will some of you who are fluent in other languages help translate these instructions into your languages?

Please Contact ICONOCLAST or other moderators.

CSAEOD–Good idea about getting people to tranlate the Photo Posting Instructions into other languages. Just off the top of my head, based on active posters, we should be able to have the instructions in at least the following languages:

Italian, Romanian; Russian; Chinese; French; Spanish; German; Portugese; Swedish: Norwegian; Danish; Greek

So, How about it. Go to the [color=blue] Forum Tech Issues, FAQs and Practice Area ~ FAQ: PHOTO posting [/color] and just tranlate these instructions. Post them as a Sticky.

Thank you for any of you with the language skills to do this. You will be doing both the !AA and the people who need the instructions in a language other than English a HUGE favor.

One small correction to Ron’s instructions . . . notify one of the staff if you have done a translation and [u]we[/u] will upgrade it to a “sticky;” this administrative tool is not available to regular users.


Hello, guys.
I do agree with that, I could try to translate some instruction from English into Spanish. It will hep a lot, Even I dont know how to attach a photo. Regards, Ado.

I am willing to try to translate this text in French


[quote=“Maverick1112003”]I am willing to try to translate this text in French


That would be super, Michel. Thank you!!


I hate to sound like a troublemaker, CSAEOD, but if you are so dead set against anything but English on this site, why pray tell would you suggest the instructions for posting pictures be added to the site in other languages. In my opinion this was a pretty good suggestion.

I posted this in the SPANISH thread as well.

This is great! Pictures transcend the need for verbal / written communication and the more collectors and academics posting photos the better. It would be cool if we could have these “Picture Posting” instructions in all languages to encourage people from all over the world to share their pics. I unfortunately only speak and read English, and that could use some improvement, so I can not translate anything. I also use PHOTOBUCKET which was real simple to learn for a computer novice like myself. PICTURES ARE WORTH A 1000 WORDS IN ANY LANGUAGE!

Thanks for translating the instructions in Spanish Fernando. Now we just need them in Chinese, Hebrew, Arabic, German, Korean, Japanese, French, Italian and all the others. I mean no offense if I left out a language.

Anyhow, I personally think this is a great idea and thank Fernando and Ron for the Spanish instructions. I also thank everyone else in advance for future translations. LETS SEE SOME AMMO PICS!!!



Now that I know how to do that I can translate these instructions in Italian