Transport plug

I am looking for ammo which was used with this transport plug. There are no headstamps. Diameter 7cm, thread 5.7cm. Made of zinc. I will be grateful for your help.


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Found it! : ) It’s transportation plug for HE ammo used with german HZ 05/14/16, KZ 16 or EHZ 16/17 fuze. So mostly in 10cm ammo for leFH 98/09/16 and Kanone 97/04/14/17.

Made of zamac: zinc, magnesium, aluminium and copper alloy

More details here:,5cm_lFH_98_09_Ammunition.html


Fascinating!!! I know nothing of artillery. I am having a heck of a trouble dealing with small arms ammo. I can’t imagine having things like transportation plugs. Thanks for showing the pics.

Well, I am not not good at artillery topic but I dont like to leave items without id. This time it wasn’t easy, but luckily it succeeded without any help :) All guns using those 57,5mm fuzes.

9cm K 73/88 ( HZ 14):

10cm K 97 ( HZ 14, KZ 16):

10cm K 04 ( HZ 14, KZ16):

10cm: K 14 ( HZ 14, KZ 16):

10cm K 17 ( HZ 16):

10cm KiSL ( HZ 14):

10cm TK ( HZ 14, KZ 16):

10,5cm leFH 98/09 ( HZ 05/14/16, EHZ 16/17):

10,5cm leFH 16 ( HZ 05/14/16, EHZ 16/17):

12cm Schwere Kanone ( HZ 14):

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Did you see my post about Nagasaki atomic bomb safety plug Nagasaki atomic bomb safety plug. Maybe Fede can fix the photos? It has some great add-ons by the forum members.
If you ever come to New York, I’ll take you to the West Point museum where the plug resides. I live in an area of New York called Black Dirt originally settled by Polish immigrants, we still have Polish restaurants and festivals.
Gourmet cooks amongst you will recognized the name “Black Dirt”, American top chefs refuse to cook without onions grown in Black Dirt area.


Really interesting story! Definetely I would like to see them, but looks like photos are expirienced or deleted from hosting site… If one day I will be able to fly to the US I will accept your “museum offer” for sure. Also It would be great to meet Polish roots in US (Onion is one of the favourtie vegetable in Poland ;)) :)

My family left Poland about 300 years ago, they were from a town called Goluchow, and where did they go…Russia. If we ever meet, I have a great long story about how this has happened.

I hope it will happen soon :)

That was really hard times for Poland so it’s nothing strange. Maybe that was even better for your family. My family live in southern Poland (Kraków-Rzeszów) for ages and dont plan to move anywhere ;) Mainly becouse of them I am here on forum with guns and cartridges. But that’s a topic for longer conversation. Let’s not litter the thread ;)

P.S. Gołuchów is ~150miles from me.

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Saludos a Fede por reparacion de mis fotos de Nagasaki atomic bomb safety plug

De nada Vlad!

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Thanks! Plug topic become even more interesting for me. I dont know why but it reminds me trailer plug :p