Traumatic 9x19 Para


There are a pictures of traumatic 9x19 Para round. Beneath the plastic cap, which resembles a bullet, there is a bag containing small probably lead pellets. In Bulgaria we call it “стоп-патрон” (literally “stopping round”).
Have any of you ever seen a round like that?

As the base could not be seen clearly (problems with the scanner), the marking is 9x19 LUGER KOPP.



Can you carry pistols with this ammunition for self-defense in Bulgaria?


You should have a license for carrying these pistols, you can carry them with this ammo or live ammo or whatever ammo you’ve preffer. This particular round was developed for law enforcement personnel, but is very hard to obtain (in this caliber). I’ve seen this type of ammo for calibers 9x18 Makarov and 38 Special.



Ivo, I first encountered this load in about 2000 loaded in a copperwashed steel case headstamped 10 9x19 99. Subsequently, I obtained a load with a KOPP headstamp like the one you illustrated. I was told they were self defense loads but I know nothing of the internal construction of the bullet. I was surprised to see the Kopp headstamp on this Bulgarian load. The Kopp marked cases seemed to be Tula (TCW) production for a Czech company. At least the Kopp boxes seem to to all be marked with a Czech address. Do you think the cartridge you illustrate was loaded in the Czech Republic for someone in Bulgaria or the Kopp cases were simply used by Someone in Bulgaria. My ball cartridges with the same headstamp, which came from the Czech Republic, have the same red primer.

Interesting cartridge, thanks for posting it.




I think it is just assembled in Kazanlak, as you said with probably imported cases (I’m not familiar with the headstamps matters at all).
I’ll dismount and picture one 38 Spl round of the same construction, so as to get an idea for the construction, and I’ll post the pics here.



Here is a factory Arsenal box for the .38spl ‘STOP’ load:


The STOP box Matt shows, mine is the same on the outside & it has a brass cased round weighing 148 grains, a slightly domed brass primer, a black hard plastic? bullet and is headstamped “HP” (at 12:00) has “5 pointed asterisk” at 9:00 and a “6 pointed asterisk” at 3:00 and “.38-SPL” (at 6:00).