Treasure trove of 5.56 / .223 headstamps

Once again, another order of bulk ammo from Fedarm of Arkansas (mass-loader of reman range ammo) has come through with a ton of odd lot-number headstamps which usually are only seen by military & police. I have done orders with Fedarm before on 9mm which have provided some dated / lot-number headstamps, but this recent order for 1000rds of M856 5.56 tracer reload ammo really provided a ton of IMI and FC lot numbers and dates. The style of headstamp on the FC and IMI cases is very similar and probably had a similar end-user.

The KFA headstamp was new to me, and is from Kilgore as far as I can find. One odd thing is that the case of ammo, as well as another 1000rd case of 9mm ammo from them both had a typed note inside the box which declared that the ammo was loaded by a third party. So, not loaded by Fedarm apparently. They have always been sort of a mystery-meat type of manufacturer which touts itself as a hugely relevant manufacturer of mass-quantities of ammo for ranges, police, and military, but you wouldn’t know it based on their website which seems to be out of stock of 90% of their inventory at any given time, and some of the quirky notations on their retailed ammo such as the notes about being factory-seconds, or manufactured by a third party. It might be that the only ammo they retail at all is factory seconds… who knows? There were quite a few other typical commercial headstamps in the whole lot which I left out due to being unremarkable. I show a handful of them below, such as the “HOT SHOT” one, which seems sort of vague for what I assume was a retail load (in terms of not saying “.223” or “5.56” on the headstamp). Also, the SCAMP dots on the LC brass provide an infinite array of variation if you count them towards a “headstamp”.



Matt, great pictures, thanks for sharing. The odd “HOT SHOT” headstamp was made by Mesko for Century International Arms, Inc. Boxes are marked “Made in Poland” and product code is AM1429A.



Matt, this looks like a small collection already.

Anybody to remind me who “AP” is?

And those “MEN” look strange to me!

AP is Armscor, one of a few headstamp style they use.

Thanks Matt!