Tremblement de terre


Does anyone know any earthquake-related ammo stories? Here is one:
Friday, August 22, 1997

Army ammunition depot shaken by earthquakes
The temblors were noted about 10 miles northeast of Hawthorne and 75 miles southeast of Carson City.
By Keith Rogers
A series of moderate earthquakes Thursday rumbled through central Nevada’s Hawthorne Army Depot, where 500,000 tons of ammunition are stored.
Alarms were triggered and windows rattled, but no damage was reported, said the depot executive officer, Capt. Gerry Muhl.
"The glass and bookcase started to rattle. My chair started moving around. We all kind of looked at each other and said, ‘Wow, what was that?’ " Muhl said.
A statement by the University of Nevada, Reno Seismological Laboratory said the largest quake in the series – magnitude 4.6 – occurred at 9:36 a.m.

  It was preceded by earthquakes of magnitude 4.2 and 4.5 at 8:36 a.m. and 9:11 a.m., respectively. 
  The quakes originated 6 miles beneath the surface, about 10 miles northeast of Hawthorne and about 75 miles southeast of Carson City. 
  "These earthquakes are not located on any named fault," according to the laboratory statement. 
  Seismologist Diane dePolo said the spurt of activity along the Gillis Range was not unusual. 
  "We've had activity in the past, and we'll have activity in the future," she said. 
  Muhl said none of the 500,000 tons of conventional munitions stored in bunkers -- the largest stockpile in the United States -- was affected even though ground motion triggered alarms. 
  "But we expected that. We went out and reset them all, and everything is fine," he said. 
  The earthquakes near Hawthorne came on the eve of today's Nevada Earthquake Safety Council meeting at McCarran International Airport. The council is slated to discuss several issues, including possible changes in building codes and how they could affect the construction industry. 
  Nevada ranks third behind Alaska and California for frequency of strong earthquakes. 
  DePolo, a council member, said earthquakes happen every day in Nevada. 
  The state has been relatively quiet lately in terms of earthquake activity, averaging between five and 10 quakes per day during the past three months. Thursday, however, marked a surge in activity, with 17 earthquakes recorded in 24 hours, including 10 smaller earthquakes that occurred near Hawthorne within several hours of the trio of magnitude 4s. 
  Las Vegas gets its share of quakes, although none has been recorded around the Las Vegas Valley "in the last week or two," dePolo said. 
  "We have very few stations around Las Vegas and only pick up larger events," she said, noting that most earthquakes in Southern Nevada happen near the Nevada Test Site, 65 miles northwest of Las Vegas.