Trench Art Help


A friend of mine found the following in his fathers gun cabinet. His father entered WWII in Germany towards the end of the war:

50cal case, HS: FA 42, fired
The case has been shortened and renecked to fit a round cigarette lighter which sets in the case. There is a blue metal bullet shaped cap which covers the lighter. Tryed to take pictures to attach but they are too blurry. Trying to find out if these were presented to a specific unit or any other info someone may have. Also interested in an approximate value. Is in very good cond.


Hey Rookie

No expert on these, but I have a dozen or so in .30 and .50 cal and some in 20MM and a few that just look like bullets(most made in China or Taiwan). The most I paid for one was a 20MM with an ashtray base @$25. Not all that rare or expensive, but cool.



If you goole “trench art” you will find quite a few sites dedicated to the subject.