Trench Art Lighter - Parts ID

Hi All. Just cleaned up a WWII Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps trench art lighter made from a couple of shell casings.

The head stamp on the larger shell has been nearly obliterated but there may be a “K” at 10 o’'clock, a “39” at 12 and a “W” at six o’clock.

The smaller casing has 1940 (not sure about the “0”, “DA” to it’s six, “VII” at 3 o’clock and what looks like a “C” around a crow’s foot at nine

The cap appears to be the right diameter for the casing. Measured it looks to be 14mm.

Any info on what kind of rounds it was made from, (which might also shed some light on the where and when of things) would be greatly appreciated.



May we have a front view of the emblem? That is a really cool find!!!
Also, I think it deserves to be in General Ammunition Discussion section, not in Questions or Comments, more people will see it.

55 boyes? Doesnlt look right tho, rimmed/belted, so maybe one case inside another.

smaller casing is a 303.

Here’s the badge:

It’s an interesting piece. The large one is a single case.

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It was soldered to cheap brass dish that must have replaced an earlier piece. I’ve cleaned it up but a lot of the detail is gone.

Here’s the small one:

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That screams 55 boys, with something else screwed into it
Small 303

very neat

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I’ve had a look at the Wikipedia article for the .55 Boys and it looks a match. It has the same base as well as a crimping line up on the neck.

I appreciate the help. Thanks all.

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The .55 Boys is a dead giveaway.
That would be a nice addition to anyones collection- Jealous, I am!

Again, my thanks to all for the comments and help. I drilled out and replaced an ancient flint, filled it with fluid and it lit up the first try. The fact that the large shell is from an odd duck like a Boys is just icing on the cake. Cheers!


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