Trench art - shrapnel


I just received this, included in a “trade” box. Hand crafted by the sender. I really don’t think he was in a trench when he made this, but the item could, possibly, be classified as trench art. It is to me, so . . .

As you can tell, in the “exploded” example, there are a number of pieces of shrapnel arrayed as if in the early stages of detonation. We all know the frag segments are rarley this consistent, but it provides a stunning example of the effects after pulling the pin. These were range finds and are certainly not pieces from a lone grenade. Had probably been laying around for years, so assuming they are from the MK2 variety of U.S. ordnance.

And they were launched, so sorta ammoish. Hope that counts.


really neat “trench art” piece very unique and displays well


Thats a good one. Best I’ve ever seen.



Very cool. Now why didn’t I see something like that when I was Christmas shopping for the wife? Her table centerpiece is so much less interesting…



Very nice What-not Rick! Won’t help me sleep any better tonight though.


WHAT-NOT?!?!?!? Thimbles are WHAT-NOTs. Demitasse spoons - What-Not
This is a MANLY gizmo! Hence, TRENCH ART.

What-not. . . harrrumph


I find it interesting that no one has commented on the grenade on the right. It is the super rare MK 2 Mod 1 Left-Hand Grenade. Made especially for southpaws.

Fragments Rick. Not shrapnel. ;)




I wondered if anybody would notice that Mk2 rarity. Good eye.

You say FRAGMENT. And you are correct. In an anal sort of way.

In my defense:

[i][b] shrap·nel (shrāp’nəl)
n. pl. shrapnel

Fragments from an exploded artillery shell, mine, or bomb.

A 19th-century artillery shell containing metal balls, designed to explode in the air above enemy troops.

The metal balls in such a weapon.[/b][/i]


My Psychiatrist says it’s OK to be anal.

Did I mention that it is one of the best objet d’trench art that I have ever seen. Whoever thought that up was brilliant. I’ll bet they could be sold at guns shows, etc for big bucks. All you’d need is a good supply of shrapnels.



HaHa. shrapnels I get that.


I gotta wonder, do you think there was ever some anal Southpaw Marine that sat in his foxhole at night and swapped the pins around on his grenades? If he pulled em with his teeth, he’d be real easy to spot.