Tri-Test Munitions / Wanda shotshells

I am fairly familiar with Wanda Shotshells . I remember selling them in the shop I worked in around 1970-71 ish. I have several boxes with different graphics all boldly marked Wanda. I found this box in the back room of a friends shop. The Tri-Test Munitions Co. filed trademarks , 3 from Nov. '67 to Feb. '68. Slight variations on the spelling on the name above. In the 1969 Gun Digest a brief article on new products, showed that Tri-Test had announced their new line of shot shells at the 1968 NSGA show. At the time only 12 ga. was being made. Tri-Test was located in Lake Bluff, Ill. I know that by the end of 1971-72 the Wanda branded line was gone. There were problems with the extractors stripping the rims on the cases and the brand had developed a bad reputation for this issue and I suspect is the reason for their demise. It almost appears that Tri-Test may have been the predecessor of the Houston based Wanda company? The Houston Company was owned by an oil man and named after his wife. The oil mans name was Thomas Cleveland “Nick” Morrow. Wanda was his first wife. The oil company name was Wanda Petroleum. I can find almost nothing on James ‘Jim’ Wade who owned Tri-Test Munitions. This must have been a ‘pocket change’ investment for Nick Morrow. Here is a social article in the Washington Post from 1979

Does anyone know if the Tri-Test Company was the original designer? The load data was an insert in the box. Have never seen this box. All the cases are head stamped Wanda - Pat. Pend.- 12. Any idea what the connection of Wanda to Tri-Test is?? Still haven’t found the connection but did find the US patent for the Wanda Shotshell.

George L. Herter was the patentee and the patent was assigned to Herters, Inc. Patent was filed Nov. 1968 and the patent was granted July, 1971. I know Herters marketed some of these shells. Was Morrow the money behind development hence the Wanda name?


Don’t know the story of Tri-Test and Wanda but I can add that there were also red, all-plastic 12 ga. shells with a “Tri-Test” headstamp and otherwise identical to the Wanda.

Blue, all-plastic “Herter’s” headstamped shells have different features, especially the over-shot wad.

I don’t collect shotgun shells but sometimes it happens…


I wonder why these didn’t have the Tri-test head stamp?? I find the most curious part of this is that Wanda while marketing its own brand sold or had some sort of agreement with Tri - Test and Herters. Or Herter’s had an agreement with the other 2. After all the selling point was the unique case. Herter had the patent and yet I have encountered only the Blue Herters shells. You are correct they had a different top wad. There were also green and yellow 20 ga. shells made.

The topwad was was called “Spin-Off”
All headstamped Herters

Pete who was the biggest marketer of these ? Wanda or Herter’s. The white & cream color I have never seen. I knew you would have some examples of these shells! Thanks

Howdy Dave
As to marketer, I have no answer nor am I aware of any connection between the three companies without doing a search. Have to get this catalog done (so I can eat regular & buy bullets) so resisting replying to stuff here for a little while longer. Sorry not to be of more help.