Trinity of Scandinavian 9x19 training ammo procurement

It appears that for some years Norway, Sweden and Denmark have some joint ammo procurement projects for their police entities (getting better rates for large quantities). And to be exact for cheap training ammunition.
While there were other procurements before (to what I understood) the 2019 one was settled with S&B.
The box is showing the logos of all 3 countries’ police entities.
The M18C designation seems to be some sort unified model designation for all 3 countries then.

By now I have no confirmed info on the exact content of the boxes, i.e. the headstamps.
The loads are 8 gram FMJ.

Just in case somebody is interested.

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Neat Alex, any spare empty boxes?


I have a lot of Scandinavian-contract Police boxes from various sources, but have never seen, or even heard of before, a Tri-National box label like this.

Thanks for posting. It is the most interesting box label I have seen in ages!!!

John Moss

John, it is just one year old and the other I saw was a 5.56x45 from US manufacture, also with all 3 COA on it.

Alex, very interesting box, thanks!

The box EOD shows is part of the Nordic 9 mm Police ammunition contract of 2018. Sellier & Bellot won the 4 year contract for jackedet training ammunition and frangible ammunition. M18C refers to the (20)18 contract and ammunition type C, which is ‘Training ammunition’. The cartridge has an 8 gram brass jacketed bullet with a S&B Non Toxic headstamp which includes the lot number.

IMG_3064 just
M18C FMJ 8g SogB

There is also a type D ‘Frangible ammunition’ in the contract. The cartridge is loaded with a 6,5 gram frangible projectile, and is ment for training against steel targets to avoid ricochets:

IMG_3065 just
M18D Frg 6,5g SogB

The text on the boxes is certainly ‘Nordic’, a mix of Swedish, Danish and Norwegian. ‘TILLHÖR POLISEN and TILHØRER POLITIET’ is Swedish and Norwegian and states that the am is Police property (‘belongs to the police’) while ‘GIFTFRI TÄNDHATT’ is Swedish for ‘Non Toxic Primer’.
‘FULDKAPPET/TOTALMANTLAD’ is Danish and Swedish for ‘Full Metal Jacketed’, while ‘FRAGMENTERENDE PROSJEKTIL’ may be both Norwegian and Danish for ‘Frangmenting projectile’.

Service ammunition, 8 grams (124 gr) Gold Dot, is still a Norwegian/Swedish 2015 contract, with only Swedish and Norwegian emblems on the box, as the Danish still uses the DAG Action 3.

IMG_3071 just
124g GDHP M15A

The M/15A on the box refers to the (20)15 contract for type A ammunition, which is ‘Expanding service ammunition’.



There are also .223 and .308 rifle ammunition in the series:

62 grains Tactical Bonded SP bullet.
FC 18B 223 REM (eske NO-0640-036) pat+hst

168 grains Tactical Bonded tip bullet.
FC 308 (eske NO-2805-123) pat+hst

Morten, thanks a lot!
I knew about the .223 but not about the .308.

Are these from the 2018 contract or earlier?

  1. A 19B lot number is also noted on the .308.

Morten, great pictures and information, thanks!