TRITON Ammunition Company NY


I have a + P 9mm round of ammunition with the following head stamp:


Need to know who/what company manufactured the casing. I am assisting on a case involving some gang members with this ammo.


Steve (member)

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Welcome, Steve.
As you may have learned from the IAA Headstamp Guide, your cases were probably originally loaded by the Triton Cartridge Corporation, P. O. Box 50, 2 Briar Lane, Wappingers Falls, New York 12590. I can’t say who actually manufactured the cases, but another member will most-likely post that info. One issue you might have is that those cases are Boxer-primed and easily reloadable. Do you have samples of the bullets that were used, or better, unfired cartridges? That might help determine if they are original examples from Triton or reloads using Triton cases.


Email inbound from my work address (LE/.gov) with info; please feel free to correspond with me there.

Some very early Triton cases were coated with NP3 (dull grey nickel/teflon coating); the later loads’ cases were bright nickel.


Thanks to all.

Thinking Starline may have made the brass.

Assisting another agency will try to get photo.



If the bullet was a hollow point, then it is probably either the “Hi-Vel” or “Quik-Shok” ammo from them. The Hi-Vel was just a higher velocity load, while the Quik-Shok was a bullet which split into 3 or 4 parts causing multiple wound tracts. There is a video here showing a .40S&W Quik-Shok which shows the typical result:


Hi Steve, cases headstamped TRITON 9mm+P were made by Starline Brass for Triton Cartridge Corp. and reported as early as 1996. A regular headstamped Starline +P case was introduced in late 1997 or early 1998.