Triton Hi-Master 356 TSW match box

I am pretty familiar with Triton (now out of business) in terms of their Hi-Vel and Quik-Shok lines of ammo, and that they got into some odd calibers such as .40 Super & .450 SMC, but this is the first time I have ever seen this 250rd competition pack of match .356 TSW “Hi-Master” from them. Based on limited info via Google about the Hi-Master line of cartridges in general, it looks like it was new around 1999 - 2000, but no images or mention of this particular package turn up in searches. I imagine it is pretty rare since most of this would have been shot up in competition, with packages then discarded? The brass is Starline, and I have only seen this in photos online.

Matt, Triton’s Hi-Master competition ammunition line was mentioned as a new in 2000 when it was used by Triton’s shooting team to win 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th place of the IDPA 2000 Nationals. The 9 mm loading used was probably the same later offered commercialy: 135 gr at 988 fps (4"). In 2002 this company announced that the 9 mm Hi-Master now features primer pocket and case mouth sealant.

Other cartridges of the Hi-Master line listed as “coming soon” in 2003 were .40 S&W, .40 Super and .45 ACP. Also, it was mentioned that cartridge cases of this line are nickel plated for reliable feed and function and packaged 50 rounds per box.

Regarding the .356 TSW, in 2003 Triton mentioned that during load development it was found that Starline brass was not as strong as Federal and end up loaded to mild levels for one of the team members for practice use (same loading as 9mm).

Also, before this Hi-Master line was introduced, Triton also manufactured another ammunition line for competitions that was named “Competitor”. It was offered in four calibers (9mm, .40, .40 Super & .45) and loaded with SinterFire frangible bullets in nickel plated cases. It was only offered packaged in 250 round bulk paks.



Thanks Fede. So this pack may exist with Federal cases also?

Matt, this company loaded high performance .356 cartridges using Federal cases but I don’t know about its packaging.