TROM: new or fake?

A fellow-member of the NVBMB, Dutch ECRA-section, mentioned the existence of TROM. Does anybody know this company or is it fake? Explanation in the flyer seems rather bleary to me. trom_techologies_llc_2017_presentation.pdf (6.8 MB)

Information on TROM:

Their logo looks like a tacticool version of Tesla, Inc.


Yeah, it looks they took the Tesla “T” and made a sort of Klingon logogram out of it for their trademark. They are definitely in business, for now anyway:

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Maybe the company is not fake, but the numbers they present look a little to good to be true. An ordinary 147 gr .308 Win may fly 10 km (6.2 miles)? They report their .300 Blackout being supersonic to 900 m and then the firing table shows just a little over 700 m (speed of sound being about 340 m/s)?

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“with winds gusting well past 50 knots with zero effect on flight path.”

You’ll have to pardon my French but I call bull$hit. You can’t just make physics disappear.


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