Tromboncino Lanciabomba

Cool weapon, I love the part of removing the bolt to fire the grenade.
Sorry, forgot to shoot the caption. It says: Italian grenade launching carbine, Model 1926, caliber 6.5mm and 39.3mm, to fire grenades, the bolt of the carbine had to be removed and transferred to the grenade launcher. A blank cartridge furnished the force to propel the grenade. In a special gunners platoon of 14 men, 5 were issued these weapons known as “Tromboncino Lanciabomba”.

The use of the bolt for both the rifle and the grenade-throwing device is fairly practical from a cost standpoint, although it leaves the soldier fairly vulnurable if he encounters a direct-threat target immediately after firing the grenade.

Whatever museum your pictures are from, Vlad, has some very interesting stuff. I don’t quite understand the assortment for each display case. It seems rather eclectic, but then I realize the pictures are out of context from the entire museum. At any rate, some nice views. Thanks for posting.

West Point Museum, items are grouped by wars/conflicts so you see enemy and friend next to each other.

Vlad - short reply. I posted a long one but when I hit the posting button, all it did was delete my reply, without posting it. Thanks for sharing all the fine museums back there with those of us who cannot easily visit them. Thanks also for the clarification on the displays. As I said, taken out of context, it was hard to discern the rhyme and reason for the selection in each display.

Vlad, nice museum pictures, thanks for sharing. The correct designation of this Italian weapon is “Moschetto con tromboncino Mod. 28” and was made using a slightly modified “Moschetto mod. 91 per T. S.”. Here is a drawing of the 38 mm practice grenade: