Trouble downloading latest e-journal

I have been trying to download the latest e-journal but it keeps freezing up at about 200kb.
Is anybody else encountering this problem or is it just my computer?

Worked OK for me.

When this sort of thing sometimes happens with me with regard to pdf files I try a few things:

try a different browser (Internet Explorer vs Firefox),
restart the computer,
tray again later,
or update the adobe software

In this case I think it is a try again later type of thing since I just tried and had the same problem you describe using either browser. The server for the IAA website was just switched over and there are probably a couple bumps to be encountered. Should be good to go tomorrow.

[quote=“alpinehunter”]I have been trying to download the latest e-journal but it keeps freezing up at about 200kb.
Is anybody else encountering this problem or is it just my computer?[/quote]

Are you still having this issue as of today?

It should have only been yesterday when the servers had any issues with the switch over.

Thanks for the hints. I just tried again and it didnt even get past 23kb. It did open up fine on my i phone yesterday.
I will try on the work computer during the week - that is where I print it out anyway.

Just making sure it wasnt an issue with the file that everyone was encountering.

Firefox never works for DL’ing the journal for me, have to switch to Internet Explorer*, then it works just fine. There are some differences between FF and IE when it comes to ftp and pdf download in general.

*Copy and paste the link into the adress line.

Downloaded fine on the work computer but still wont work on my own computer. Not sure what the problem is as I can still download other PDF documents on that computer with no problems.
Thanks for the suggestions.

I just tried everything above that I had suggested, as well as clearing my cache & cookies from my browsers, and I cannot download the ejournal either (I already have it). I also checked for updates to my adobe acrobat reader, and there were none. I will try downloading the journal with my home computer tonight to see if the version of Windows makes any difference, but I don’t know why it would. My work computer here is XP and my home is Vista.

In my case, it opened fine on both my laptops, one with Vista and one with Windows 7, also under both Explorer and Firefox on each.

I always keep multiple browsers (IE, Firefox, and Opera) on my desktop so just in case one browser quits working or has problems, I can go to another. I’ve had that happen. Firefox is always my default.

Might also try downloading and re-installing the latest version of Adobe Acrobat.

Anyone else having any problems with it?

I can’t think of any reason that it should not be working other than some ISPs pre-cache files and the fact that the host change could have screwed that up.

I the mean time, I uploaded a 2nd copy with a different filename. (just add a 2 at the end of the file name, before the .pdf) as well as a copy of it in a .zip file with the original filename, just with a .zip rather than .pdf

If it is the case of the ISPs pre-caching part of the file, then it would eventually auto fix itself, and the links with the alternate filenames should work perfectly after first try.