Trouble with Roger and Ron's Catalogs Link

The problem is because Roger just changed from HTML to PHP in the last couple of days. Go to the home page ( and select “AMMO CATALOGS” and you should be OK. Then create a new Bookmark. Or you can clear your cache (press F5) and that should work also.

Do you know the new email address? I troied to senmd emails on 2 pages with links and keep getting can not send back. I have about 10 or so Imperial IVI catalogs I wish to donate if they can scan and provide to collectors.

Cartridgeconer–What email address are you having trouble with, mine or Roger’s. Both emails should be OK as neither of them has changed. We would be very glad to get the IVI catalogs as neither of us has much from that company. My email is The catalogs should be sent to me, not Roger. I am the one who does all the scanning. I then send the PDF’s to Roger to post on our web site. My mail address is

Ron Merchant
1023 Hickory St.
Lansing, MI 48912

Thanks for the offer of the catalogs.

Do you remember what pages the email addresses are on so I can check them out. I found this morning that my web host has a server down. That may be the email problem.

I found the email problem on the catalog homepage. I had a typo in the “Contact us” email address at the top of the page. Sorry. Fixed now. Thanks for making us aware of it.

The F-5 key “reloads the page” it doesn’t clear or refresh the cache. Although CRTL+F5 should override (but not clear) the cached page.

Thanks, yes the one link was on the catalog page. But I also went to your home page under contact and it goes to the email: and this bounces back as well.
I will get the catalogs out to Ron this weekend to scan and post.

I just re-checked that blue email button on the home page and it’s sending me mail…I had checked it, and several others, this morning until I found the typo on the “contact us” link on the catalog homepage. My web host had one of their servers down early this morning, maybe that was your problem. I don’t know when it went down. It only showed up when I checked the forum pages this morning. The normal web site was working though. We decided to list Ron’s info on the catalog page since he’s the catalog man. Let me know if you still are having problems.