Tround pricing

I recently came across a grouping of Trounds and couldn’t find them in the Journal price guides. Am I missing something, or are they not listed?


limited production, only a few years, but many major and minor variants. Makes it kinda difficult to value them in any kind of guide that would stand up over any amount of time. My specialty is .50 caliber and just those run from $5 for fired cases with bullets glued in to $150 for a more rare variant, such as an APIT or such. Some probably more and that 's just for the .50 caliber variant. (prices based on what i’ve seen them for sale over about 20 years)

I’m currently working on a new book covering the Dardick Tround cartridges and firearms and have acquired quite a few during the past three years or so. If you tell me which one(s) you’re interested in, I may be able to help. The most common variation in my experience is the green plastic Celanese Fortiflex case .38 Special. These typically have brass primer holders in the base with a " D C .38" headstamp are have a value of about $7 - $15. The other end of the scale would be very early production Trounds with 2-piece aluminum cases (or even more rare, pre-production prototype cartridges with steel cases having sliding fronts that move forward on firing to create a gas seal) that would sell for hundreds or more.

I’m actually looking for price guidance so I can sell a good sized collection. I’m a 1945 and before military collector, and these came to me to sell for a friend. It’s a pretty interesting looking group with all kinds of variants.

He needs a place to start as it’s something he’s not familiar with. So a price guide with all it’s faults is of some use to him in this situation.
He’s the dealer who is trying to sell it for a friend, why should he give it to another to sell?.
Why shouldn’t someone offer him a free appraisal? All perfectly OK as long as they don’t try to buy it for that price.
I have a number of friends who ask me for my thoughts as to worth & I let them know, no charge, & others who may need a legal evaluation of worth for an estate or tax donation, I then charge for the evaluation.

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I was just wondering what the ballpark ranges were for some of these things. I completely understand how the formal price guides work. When it says that 7,92 Mauser singles are 50 cents, and there is an experimental round that sells for $1,000.00, it’s clear it doesn’t tell the entire story. I do find the journal price guides very useful to at least establish a starting point for how to think about a caliber that I’m not dealing with on a routine basis.

Dave, I have to respectfully disagree with you in that valuations are certainly a valid topic for this forum. Why would we not be allowed to discuss something that three or four pages of every journal is dedicated to? Besides, I was asking if there was a published list, not for a free detailed assessment of the grouping.

Not a problem, with you disagreeing with me, that is how we all learn, however, I personally believe talks on value and pricing should be on the (Buy / Sell) part of this forum and the (General) part of this forum used for technical and historical facts.
As pricing is like opinion, ask 100 people and you’ll get 100 different answers :-)
Mel is correct, variations I am sure will have many different values, he is writing the book, so he is the expert on the subject of Tround cartridges.
But the market still decides prices sold, not the value.
With Mels book coming out , the market “may” increase and so “may” will values? ;-)

We had an extra thread on price lists and I think literally all was said about there.

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There is an active section on for Dardick Trounds. If you want to know exactly what the cartridges are worth, and sell them at the same time for fair market value, list them individually, maybe with an exception for small groups of 2 or 3 variations of the same type but with different case colors or other difference. GunBroker, and other auctions like Vic Engel’s and Pete DeCoux’s that are open to the public and that have extended times for bidding (days, not minutes or seconds at a live auction) allow the market to determine the value, no matter what some expert’s opinion is.

If you choose to do this, I’ll be happy to give you an estimate of value if you send me a list and photo(s), and I can help you write an accurate description of the cartridges.

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Mel, if possible, I would love the values of Gyrojets & Tround for my data base I am building for all IAA members.
Thanks Dave

I have a fairly substantial list of Trounds and related for sale and sold. If you would like an email copy please contact me at

Thank you Dick, very nice, I am looking for a history of Gyro-Jets pricing also, if available. My Best, Dave

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