Tru-Test Shotshell Boxes

At the local gun show today, I ran across a table that had two full boxes of Tru-Test shotshells (12 ga and .410). These were about like they just came off the store shelf, and the label indicated they were sold by the Tru-Value hardware store chain. I have to think these are not too common as I have not seen this box before. I didn’t buy them or even ask the price. Maybe I should have. Does anyone have information? … -shell-box … um=8573240

Yep, that’s the box.

You have put me on the hunt Dennis! I have not seen these before either but I was aware that True Value stores could get shells thru their distribution center (Remington). I have a friend that owns a True Value and he told me that it used to be a privately owned business (Cotter family, shown on one of the linked sites). He’s making some inquiries to the corporate office and if he turns up anything, I’ll share here.
I do love the hunt!

Dick Iverson (THE SHOTGUN SHELL IN THE UNITED STATES) describes these as made in Canada by C.I.L., in 12, 20 and .410 (.22 RF) from 1967 to 1974/75. The headstamp is shown as; GAUGE/12/GAUGE/12.

I would have guessed C-I-L The boxes immediately struck me as having a sort of a Canadian look to them. I wish I had tried to buy them now. Maybe at the next show.