Truncated 9mm Nato?

Was there ever any Nato-spec 9x19 ammunition with a truncated bullet?

Jonny, I think all the NATO official drawings show a RN bullet. On the other hand, a lot of NATO marked cases have been loaded with non-NATO standard bullets. I was just entering into my collection a Truncated SP bullet load from Spain with a NATO marked case. It was a test load and the use of the case was just chance.


I think some of the lead-free, or fully-encapsulated “range-safe” type 9mm bullets had odd ogives like that, and some were dished out to Nato contracts with nato headstamps possibly.

I seem to remember that some of the earliest frangible 9mm loads made by Winchester in the late 1990s may have used the standard NATO headstamp, but I am by no means sure about that. They were developmental at that time, with very limited distribution. Because Winchester was the only manufacturer of M882 for the US military, the use of such cases is understandable as they were available, even though they (at least the cartridges) did not meet any NATO specs. I may have some of the early Winchesters buried somewhere, I’ll have to see. I personally loaded many Winchester 9mm frangible bullets (actually Delta Frangible bullets which Winchester was using at that time) in new NATO-headstamped cases for experimental use, but I don’t suppose that counts. But DFA bullets were round-nosed, not truncated cones. The later 9mm frangible loads finally adopted and type-classified (Mark 254 Mod 0) did use more-or-less truncated cone sintered copper bullets, but I don’t think they were NATO circle-cross headstamped. Again, I will have to look.

Dennis, the box of AA16 MK 254 MOD 0 frangible ammo I have contains cases stamped with “WCC+P”. No NATO mark at all.

I checked all of my frangible 9mm loads just now, and although there are plenty with truncated bullet, and some having military-style headstamps, it turns out that the only one I can find with a Nato headstamp is the Greenshield 9mm frangible, with the box marked: “For MP5 only”. These were high pressure loads, and the bullet looks almost entirely round nose, but it does have a slight truncation. More so than a typical round-nose bullet, but probably not enough to warrant calling it “truncated”

Greenshield9mm2 Grenshieldheadstamp