Truncated bullet - gilding metal clad steel

let me introduce myself, my name is wolfgang, living in austria, near vienna.
collecting parabellum pistols, german and austrian ordonance rifles, ammunition and accessories.

i spend the last days in cataloging my ammunition, especially 9 para.

i found a box with a partly preserved label, see picture.
inside the box i found ammunition with truncated bullets set to cases with D. 5 16 and D. 6 16 headstamp (see picture)

this should be the time of change from trunated to roundnosed bullets. i remember an post allocating the time of change at munitionsfabrik dresden to 05/1916
so this makes me nervous when thinking about originality of this ammunition.

also, i have to ask, because my knowledge is not enough detailed, about the material of the bullets. i thought, at this time only CNCS bullet were made and set. at this box i found brasscolored bullets … GMCS ??? (see picture)

there are no indicationes of an official reloading (stamped cirkle), some of the rounds have black colored paint around the primer, looking not to be reloaded as tinkerwork.
if the will be reloaded officially (munitionsfabrik), i think they should have an cirklestamp and maybe renewed black paint around the primer.
I cannot imagine, that an privat reloader will set the paint again around the primer.

— so what i hope to get from your side, an information if the brasscolored (GMCS ??) bullets could be originaly set to theses rounds ??
— also i would be glad to get an picture of an original boxlabel, because i’m not sure if box and ammunition are matching.

for your pleasure, ammunition with matching guns:
1908 dwm first issue, 1910 dwm, 1911 erfurt

thx in advance … wolfganggo


Wolfgang, Welcome to the Forum. I just wanted to welcome you, but also point out that there is no picture in your posting. I don’t know how to post pictures myself, so if there is some problem, tell the Forum and someone will advise you how to do it.

sorry, but the cms challenges me.
now the pix are online …

Very interesting cartridges. I have the same headstamps (D 5 16 and D 6 16), but mine are CNCS bullets. Your cartridges sure look like Brass Coated steel bullets from the photos, but age can do funny things to metal colors. All of the Dresden 9x19mm I have seen with RN bullets have GMCS bullets. My guess, and it is pure speculation, is that Dresden was changing bullet jacket material at the same time they were trying to convert to the RN bullet production. They ran short of CNCS and used the GMCS material that had been delivered for the RN bullets, OR, they had in stock some Brass coated steel material, or were able to fabricate some and used that for the last of their truncated bullet producton. Wish your box still had the loading date on it, or maybe it does have part of it but I just can’t read it.

These are very new to me!!! Wish I had one!!!